Promoted bands

A Small District (Alternative Metal, CH)
Age Of Collision (Metalcore, CH)
Art Of Phobia (Hardcore / Metal, CH)
Cancel The Sky (Hardcore, CH)
CardiaC (Hardcore / Stoner, CH)
Circle Of Execution (Metalcore, CH)
Conjonctive (Blackned Deathcore, CH)
Damn City (Hardcore, ITA)
Dead Like Juliet (Metalcore, ITA)
Deconvolution (Hardcore, CH)
Expellow (Metalcore, CH)
Fallcie (Alternative Metal, RUS)
The Giving (Hardcore, CH)
Horace (Hardcore, CH)
Hunted Like Thieves (Hardcore, CH)
Imperio (Hardcore, CH)
In Love Your Mother (Mathcore, CH)
Insanity (Hardcore, CH)
Invoker (Hardcore, CH)
IRIS (Hardcore, JPN)
Kill The Unicorn (Metalcore, CH)
Mindcollision (Rapcore, CH)
Nice To Eat You (Metalcore, CH)
No Reward (Hardcore, CH)
Raptus Di Follia (HC-Punk, CH)
Sickret (Nu-Metal, CH)
Skylla's Revenge (Metalcore, CH)
Thorn (Metalcore, CH)
Trapped (Hardcore, GER)
With All Ones Heart (Metalcore, CH)
Witheout (Metalcore, CH)


Radio Riot
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Background Photos By Rolf Fassbind (Rabbit Riot)